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if Your Value it You will find a way

I took this photo while on a visit to a college with my daughter last spring. She had just talked with the coach about her aspirations and goals to be a student-athlete, and in this photo, my husband and I were walking behind her while touring campus.

My daughter values her education, and has been making great strides to find a college that is a good fit for both her and for the university. I have observed her sending emails, making phone calls, traveling almost every weekend while attending tours, clinics, and camps. It has been overwhelming at times, but she is focused and determined. She is blazing a trail, and finding ways to make it happen. When my daughter is presented with obstacles, she goes around them. It is beautiful to be a witness to the unfolding of her future.

If it is important to you, you will find a way.

If it is not, you will find an excuse.

This statement tends to bring up so much emotion and push back. The uncomfortable truth is this: how you spend your time is what you value. And what you value, is what is important to you. Because you spend time and energy on what is important to you, you will find a way.

It is in the excuse piece that we all become a little squirmy. If you find yourself always giving reasons why you can't, or that you don’t have enough time, it is because you have not found the value in "it"; and therefore, will not spend your precious time trying to make "it" happen.

What do you value? Well, just take an honest snapshot of a day in your life. How is your time spent? Is it on people and activities that are important to you, or do you find large pockets of time are spent wasted on low level, irrelevant tasks? Get back on track. and align yourself with what you love. Let go of the things you really do not find important. As your time, energy, and values line up, you will be ready to move in the direction of your dreams. The excuses will fall by the wayside, because you will be plugged in to the connection of your truth, your purpose, your gifts.

It is in this space where you will make the magic happen.

With love, Lucie


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