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It is Just A Thought

Watching the sun rise is an incredibly peaceful event You can let go of all that you are holding, and become present. In the few moments as the sun peeks over the horizon, the mind is clear, while experiencing the beauty of the moment. 

I remember wishing I could capture that feeling, and bottle it. There were many days I felt stress and anxiety in my life, and I wanted the peace of the sunrise in my mind, always. 

Thoughts invade the mind of the anxious and stressed brain. I knew my "job" was to calm my brain in order to let go of anxiety, but I did not know how, until I understood what thoughts truly were. 

The definition of a thought is this: "an idea or opinion produced by thinking or occurring suddenly in the mind."  Notice that the description does not mention a thought as a fact or an absolute, it says an opinion... an idea.....

Just because you have a thought, does not make it true. This means to accept all thoughts as they come, but you do not have to believe them. 

I began to understand not to tie any energy into negative thoughts, by not giving them attention. This teaches your brain these thoughts are not important to you, and they will dissolve into nothingness. And when I had a positive thought, I gave all my energy to it, and allowed those thoughts to expand in my mind. 

Remember, whatever your resist becomes stronger, so let go of fighting the negative, and just embrace the positive. You have choice, and today is the day you can make changes in your habits, to create a new tomorrow. 

There is peace. It is in the now, and in acceptance of all. Love yourself while you travel this journey of self-discovery.  Rise and be the sun in your life. You got this. 



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