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Life Is An Echo

When hiking the rainforest in Puerto Rico, with my family, I took many pictures. This one was taken while we were on our way home, down the mountain.  We decided to make a stop at a roadside eatery, and this was the backdrop to our lunch. While it was beautiful to see, it was also beautiful to hear. You see, it was the perfect spot to hear an echo. There was enough distance, a reflecting surface, and of course our voice, to create the phenomenon. 

When you hear an echo, you experience what you say coming back to you. If you shout to the mountain: "You are stupid", those very words are brought back to you. If you shout "I am okay", again, guess what comes back?  

Life is just like an echo. What you put out, comes back.Your beliefs about the world are projected out into your life.

For example, if you hold the belief "life is hard", and you tell yourself this over and over, consciously or subconsciously, you are energetically projecting that belief out, and creating a vibration for the universe to match. Your lens from which you see the world will be focused upon finding all that is hard in life. You may find it in your health, your relationships, your job, even your goals and dreams.

It is not just your beliefs that are like echoes, but it is also the words you say, the kindness you show, the actions you take. It all is reflected back to you. However, it all begins with how you choose to see the universe. 

You hold the power, no one else, to all you have ever wished for and desired. If you want to understand what it is that you have been projecting out, just take a look at what comes back to you. It is a great indicator of beliefs that need to be shifted. 

It may take work to create new beliefs, and let go of the habits of old ones, but its worth the investment in yourself. You can learn see the beauty all around, however, start with the beauty inside. Reflect on that, always. 

Love Always,



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