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Look to see what you become

Dear Beautiful You,

There is something so very beautiful about a lotus flower. These gorgeous, open and welcoming flowers sit upon mud and lily pads as if to say it really doesn't matter what is below you, but to celebrate what is before you. 

Anxiety likes to make you believe that you cannot rise and overcome, but that is a lie. You have within you the very same power of the lotus flower. Even in what you believe to be the darkest times, you can grow and break out of the depths of the past, and emerge as the beautiful flower you are.

Sometimes those dark places are the seeds for change and growth. Have faith and patience to allow yourself the time needed to rise above it all. There is no exception for you, every one of us has the power within to claim the victory of our lives.

You are beautiful and full of love... remember that as you grow, and slowly unfold into everything you were always meant to be.

Love Always, 



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