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Love The Skin You're In

I have very few pictures of me in my thirties. I was behind the lens, certainly not in front of it. I was quite critical of any photos of myself, and always pointed out the flaws. I still do this from time to time, as we all do, but it is important to try to see what is beautiful and amazing.

In this photo of myself, I look very serious, and found that most of my photos I do. However, I learned to accept this is just how I look. It is not for me to berate, but to love. 

I made a conscious choice to love the skin I am in. Not just the outside, but everything inside too. The whole package. When I made the decision to truly love myself, I began to see changes inside. And those changes expanded to my outside world. I felt better, got healthy. My relationships shifted and I created purpose. All from self-love. 

When you give the gift of loving yourself, you set yourself free. This freedom allows you to truly love others, for you cannot give to others, what you do not have yourself. And love IS the connection to us all. 

Love the skin you are in, right now. Without any conditions; not when you lose weight, or get married, or get rich... right now, exactly as you are, because what you are is perfect. 

So, take those photos and begin to see what everyone else does. You are meant to shine bright. See it ALL through the lens of love. 



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