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Love What You See

While in a restaurant, this mirror and light fixture caught my eye. It was comical how I tried to be discreet taking a picture while people were eating. Even though I tried to be tactful, I was okay if people saw me taking the picture. No matter what their reaction was to my actions, I was okay. I know I am a kind, loving person, and anyone else's interpretation of me is none of my business. I do not think anyone did see me, but my point is it doesn't matter. If your intent is good, don't worry about it. You can never control people's thoughts and judgments. What you are able to control is how you choose to feel about yourself.

Everything begins with your acceptance and love for the self.

As you look in the mirror every day, know deep down that you are beautiful, amazing and good enough.

Rejoice when you see your refection. Love everything you see in the mirror, for what you see is the person that has brought you to this moment. Tell yourself often while looking at your reflection, how amazing you are, and be your own best friend. Your acceptance of yourself is the energy that you send out to the world. And it is the very energy that is sent back to you. 

As your internal world shifts to a vibration of love, it will also be reflected in your outside world... just like a mirror...

With Love, 



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