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My Own Friend

This picture was taken last month while walking on the beaches of Delray. My daughter was happily walking, enjoying her own company. I snapped this photo trying to capture the evident peace she has within, to be with herself.

The relationship you have with yourself is the foundation for all other relationships in this world. So show up, and do the work to create a strong, healthy, loving relationship with the self. It is not the external world that needs fixing, so stop trying to make it all okay "out there". Look within, and foster the relationship that is most important. Like any other relationship, it takes work, mindfulness and patience. Form a bond of love, kindness and forgiveness, as you are worthy of love and kindness. 

Remember, as you would with a friend, accept yourself exactly as you are, letting go of all expectations. Have compassion and love for yourself . As you practice self-love, you will find more space and well-being from within. You not separate from others, but the connection is found in your own love.

The shift of making yourself a priority, is actually the step that creates harmony in all relationships. Be your own friend, and observe how the compassion for yourself creates a ripple effect to all areas of your life. 



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