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New Year, Which way?

The New Year is such a symbolic time. It is a beginning. And just like any beginning, we have the opportunity to begin again, to start fresh. To set goals and to start new things.

It is a beautiful time to sit with yourself, finding what it is that you want to accomplish this year, and creating a plan to make that happen.  I know. I know. You have heard this all before. But keep reading, there is more. Creating a plan is one of the sure fire ways to help you get out of anxiety. When you have a goal, something to reach for and clear steps on how to get there, you mind has the ability to focus on something other than the fear. It has something constructive to do and your brain wraps itself around the plan, as does the universe. 

 When you clearly declare a goal, the universe does everything to help you make that dream come true. But... Habits. Yes, habits. Some habits are incredible and are a help to you and the goals you have set. However, others are just plain bad habits that keep coming back again and again and we find ourselves in the same spot year after year, even with the goals set ahead of us. And we find ourselves unable to reach our goals and upset that once again we cannot lose the weight, finish that project, start the new job, etc....

 This habit thing is especially hard for people who struggle with anxiety. Did you know that the anxiety condition is not just fear, but when it settles in for the long haul, it is mostly habits?  Yep. An anxious person will fall into the trap of their habits which will begin the cycle of fears, symptoms and flight/fight/freeze circle. It is a very fast flowing reaction that is difficult  to remove yourself from because it is something we have literally trained ourselves to do.

The anxious person (and literally everyone) needs the tools to bypass the habits and create new ones.  The first tool is recognition. And then you can meditate, use mind mapping or reframing, tapping or muscle testing to let go of the old habits (and the roots of why those habits believe they are protecting you) and fill in the space with new, productive habits. This will get you to your goals and your dreams. 

 So if you are someone that always feels like Jan 1 is Groundhog Day, doing the same thing over and over, recognize it is just old outdated habits that you are dealing with and it is within your power to create new ones

Love Always, Lucie


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