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One Day I will...

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Dear Beautiful You,

It has been a couple weeks since I have written a blog post. I have been completely hyper focused on completing my book. Writing this book has been a labor of love over the last few years, but to be honest, I have been in labor too long and it was beginning to hurt. So I put all else aside, and wrote, and I am happy to say I am getting there! "The Eight Hour Angel" is the title and I cannot wait to tell you more! I can say it is a book that will challenge you to review your perspective about life, about death and everything in between. I placed a goal of the end of 2019 for its completion.

The length of time to write this book has been grueling, but it got me thinking about the words... one day...

One day I will finish my book 

One day I will go back to school 

One day I will get in shape

One day I will spend time with old friends

One day I will make amends 

One day I will_________. (what is your one day?)

"One day" is phrased in such a way that it never comes. It is always one day away. When you use these words, you are literally telling the universe that it must not be something you really want to manifest. Why? Because it is impossible for it to come to you today, if you are continually projecting into the future. 

Life goes fast. We hear this all the time when we refer to children. There is always an experienced parent with a grown child that feels the need to tell the parent with the young child "Enjoy this time, it goes fast." I have been on both ends of this conversation and have only taken the words in the context of kids. However, the stark truth is, it is not just kids that grow, we all do. And as we grow and age, one day become less and less likely if you do not have a goal with a plan in place. 

I changed my one day to today. I blew the dust off my manuscript and went to work, set a goal and created a daily plan. One day became a solid date.

We are here on earth for a finite time (spoiler alert: when you read my book you may question this lol) and please know what you wish to accomplish is important and needed for you and for the world. It is never too late, you are never to old, or any other excuse that surfaces. You have the knowledge, the power and the means to complete the dreams that were placed in your heart. You also have the time and the love to see, talk and be with the people you wish to spend time with. It is all in how you choose to see today and unfold your tomorrow. 

Change the one day rhetoric to a today action plan and see the infinite possibilities open to you.  

Love Always,



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