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Recharge Your Energy

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

Dear Beautiful You,

We are energy beings, and as such, we sometimes forget it is necessary to recharge ourselves. Unfortunately, many times we do not listen to our inner guidance system, which lets us know its time to rest. Instead, we push on, sometimes relentlessly.

However, our inner compass is still there, waiting patiently, for you to listen to the call to rest. And if you continue to ignore the loving request to recharge, you may begin to experience physical symptoms. These symptoms are there to get your attention and remind you to take care of yourself and your energy. Please do not fear the messages your body gives to you, instead lean into the messages and listen.

We are made in a loving universe, and as such the messages we get can only be for our own well being and happiness. So take a rest when needed and recharge that beautiful energy that is you...

Love Always, 



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