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Saying Goodbye to the Family SUV

Bessie (yes our truck has a name, doesn't yours?) has been sitting in our driveway, unable to operate safely for months now. We knew it was time to let go of our family SUV, but there was always a reason we were not able to part with it. My husband would say he needed it to make recycling runs, or to move large items close to home. The entire passenger side was dented, and full of rust, from an accident last year. The interior was worn and stained. There was a distinct stench when you opened the door, which I believe was Bessie's way of saying it was time.

She was ready, but were we?

We bought her in 2006. My kids were 6, 5 and 2. They ran around the dealership while we talked numbers. In just a few hours, we were driving off the dealer lot, kids in car seats, singing at the top of our lungs to the Kids Bop CD. It was the beginning of life with Bessie.

Bessie took care of our family. She was part of long drives to incredible vacations. Short drop-off's to school. She carried all of the sports equipment, bicycles, and beach gear everywhere we asked her to go, without complaint. Her three rows of seating allowed us to pick up friends and family, filling our car full of laughter and love.

Our kids are now 17, 16 and 13. Our son has his own car now, and my daughter just got her permit. They know Bessie no longer is safe , but it would have been wonderful if they could have all had one time to drive her, the SUV that they grew up with.

This past weekend we made the decision to donate her to charity. As my husband cleaned her to get ready to go, it was apparent of how much she held for us. Pictures we had thought we lost, were found. Wrappers and receipts from years ago told stories of wandering Sunday drives, birthday parties and days at the beach. Memories run deep, and was a tough goodbye.

Of course I knew this was more about my kids growing up. College is right around the corner, and donating Bessie was my reminder that, it is all temporary. They will be leaving the driveway soon too, and off to the next stage in their life. However, if I learned anything from Bessie, it is to let go. She was ready, and we tried to hold on, and in doing so, she was unable to run correctly.

Thank you Bessie for your final lesson. I promise to step out of the driver's seat and give my children the freedom they need, to become wonderful adults.

Lucie Dickenson is an inspirational blogger, wife, and mom to three unique and wonderful teenagers. Through her writing and in her personal life, she loves to inspire others, finding what makes their heart sing, so they can live in their truth every day. Lucie Dickenson


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