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Secrets Make You Sick

Dear Beautiful You,

We all have something in our past that we have hidden deep inside and wish no one to ever know. It could be something that happened to you or an event you witnessed. Or it could simply be something you know about that has created a burden within. Even beliefs you affirm about yourself that are not a truth will be a disruption to your system. Whatever the case may be, it  can be hurting you. 

Keeping this turbulence inside can make you sick, for you are holding onto energy that is literally trapped in your body. As these repressed events are held over time, you begin to notice symptoms. As the symptoms progress, you may be diagnosed with a disease. 

We are not meant to repress, but release what is not for our highest and best.  

That is not to say we need to put our deepest information out on social media or shout from a rooftop about it. You can if you want, but letting it go is so much more. You can write it out, you can share with someone, you can say prayers about it and ask God to hold it. Letting go is the process of acceptance and forgiveness. And we all know forgiveness is giving up hope for a different past and letting yourself off the hook for it. Whatever way you choose to release, know you are literally creating a balance in your mind, body and soul once again. 

Remember, you were made from love by love. There is nothing that you need to hold inside any longer. You are here for this amazing ride we call life; experience it in health exactly as God intended. Let go of secrets. 

Love Always, 


Lucie Dickenson a wife and mom to three unique teenagers. She has just written her first book Overreacting: a memoir of anxious proportions.

As an anxiety coach, writer and speaker her hope is that something she has written resonates with another that is struggling. Her passion is helping others to truly understand that their life stories hold the key to healing and connecting with others.


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