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See The Rainbow Behind The Clouds

My husband and I went on a long overdue vacation together last week to California.We had heard that there was going to be rain in the forecast, but we could not have expected what we were met with when we got off the plane, and into our rental car. I am not even sure the word rain does it justice, as the reality was it was a storm of epic proportions. And this rain continued throughout our stay, with few breaks of sunshine scattered throughout our stay. 

We had visions of walking around Napa, sipping wine outdoors, and then heading to San Francisco to explore the city. Of course, our plans changed, and most of our vacation was spent indoors, and what could not be, we scurried outside with our umbrellas. It was not what we had envisioned, but we had one of the best vacations together, ever. We accepted the rain, and adjusted accordingly. While in the beautiful town of Sausalito, the sky suddenly began to clear and then this rainbow. I quickly took the picture to capture the beautiful moment that we witnessed. 

For six days it rained, and we saw a rainbow for two minutes. 

Imagine if we only enjoyed the two minutes, when the weather cleared. That would have been a waste of time and joy. 

Sometimes, we do just that. We wait for the clearing to enjoy our life. When we experience bumps in our road; suffering and sadness, it is instinct to go into protection mode, trying to figure out solutions to our problems. And that is good. But we are not meant to stay there; we are meant to connect, find solutions, adjust accordingly and enjoy the rain. As it is all lessons and blessings. 

So next time it rains in your life, take a new perspective and remember, it is all good. You are all good, in fact you are amazing. When you truly know this, that is is all for your benefit and growth, you can see the rainbow behind every rain cloud. The trick is to have faith, and live in joy, regardless of what you see. Once you do, your rainbow will reveal itself. 



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