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So Sorry For The Language But...

Dear Beautiful You,

I know. I know. This is not my normal beautiful picture. 

But I got your attention. And also, because even in this picture's distasteful words, there rings some truth. 

You see, I spent way too much time in my teens and early twenties preoccupied with the idea that my value was measured by other people. I forced relationships to hang on, and did not respect myself enough to let go, even though I knew they were toxic. I had warped thinking which believed if the relationship failed it meant I was not lovable and that there was something wrong with me. I would stay in these consuming and crippling connections even though deep down I know it did not feel right. This caused me so much anxiety. However, I soon learned that my value was mine to have, and self-love was the beginning of the right relationship.

This change in my thinking and behavior gave me the freedom to find myself. I allowed love to come to me, and it was an easy attraction stemming from the healthy energy I was now holding. To be honest, I could not believe how quickly life turned for me after this epiphany. I not only met my husband, but also began to attract beautiful friends, had healthy conversations, and loving people surrounding me.  

When you love and respect yourself, the rest comes naturally. What you are looking for is not "out there",  it is within. Foster the relationship with yourself and you will marvel at the ease in which love will be present. 

Don’t force illusions, instead ease into self-love and smell the roses. 

Love Always, 



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