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Take Action

While in Lancaster this weekend, I came upon this covered bridge.

I loved the way the sun was peeking through, and sending rays of light my way. As I took the picture, I paused, feeling the incredible want to cross the bridge. I wanted to experience what was radiating on the other side. 

We all have big dreams and goals tucked away. Some of us easily cross the bridge, and make those dreams happen, while others may fear what is on the other side, and stay grounded in their comfort. But it is when you cross the bridge of your insecurities, that you are able to explore your possibilities. 

Take action. Allow the unknown to engulf you, as the light will guide you to the other side. It may be a scary ride, but once you arrive you will radiate in all that you were meant to be. 

Cross the bridge. Your action is the ONLY thing holding you back.  



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