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Take The First Step, Then Walk

I took this photo a few years back while vacationing in Puerto Rico. 

 This sweet little foal walked right up to my family, and we enjoyed its company for some time. I looked beyond, and saw other horses running around the hills, but this little guy was not as steady as the rest of the group. He was trying and moving, but did not have the experience that the adults did. When he left us and went with the rest of his group, it reminded me of a toddler trying to keep up with older siblings. In time, just like a toddler, or this foal, there will be a confidence and strength in their step. The same goes for you, as you begin to step outside your comfort zone and into your dream...

When you move into your truth, and begin to do what you love, your path may not be a straight line. More likely, it will be a winding road, with obstacles along the way. Going into the unknown can be a fearful experience, and you can have moments of wanting to go back to what is comfortable. Being a beginner feels foreign, however, in order to master your dream, it can take time.

When you feel like its too much: too much time, too much effort, too much education...keep going...

Everybody starts at the beginning, the universe just wants you to start. The right people, and right circumstances, have already been lined up for you, but its up to you to begin. In time, you will get stronger, and more confident about what you are doing. Keep your goal in front of you and stay the path.

You can make this happen. Take the first step, then walk. 

With love,



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