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The Gift Of Big We....

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

A few months ago I was at a vision board event and the facilitator asked us to envision what our key word would be for 2020. My word was "gift". I explained that I had once read a story years ago about how God gives us all beautiful gifts at birth, but many of us leave these personal gifts high up on a shelf forgotten and unopened. The story went on to say that it would be an absolute tragedy if we did not open our gifts that were meant to share with the world. For it is those gifts that not only give us heartfelt purpose, but are a vehicle for helping others.

So, I explained I chose this word for 2020 because I did not want to leave any gifts unopened and that 2020 would be the year that I opened each gift and learned how to use that gift to serve others. Little did I know what was about to happen and that I would be challenged to use those gifts, with my experience with anxiety, to help others in ways I never imagined. 

Sometimes we do not open our gifts because we think they are too grand for us. We think that we do not have the expertise or knowledge to handle those gifts, so we wait for someone else to come along and do the things we were meant to do. 

A couple things:

  1. You are the expert of your gift. God would not have given it to you without knowing how absolutely amazing you would be at it.  

  2. There is no one in the world that can hold your gift and give it to the world the way you can.

  3. Don't worry if not everyone needs your gift. You cannot possibly be everything to everyone.You do you. Keep your gift alive. Keep going and giving. The right people are hearing your message. The ones that aren't are getting your message  are certainly getting what they need from others. It it all good. 

  4. Your gift is love in action.

  5. Serving others can dramatically reduce anxiety. How? Because helping others and serving brings you outside of yourself and connects you in the present moment with others. 


Because it is time. 

Your gift is needed. 

Serving is how we can care for one another right now.

There is so much that is happening right now. The collective consciousness is raising the vibration of the universe. We are witnessing the best of human nature right now.

We are listening to one another.

We are helping one another.

We are supporting one another. 

We are connecting to one another.

Ironic- huh? Since we are isolated? 

I am overwhelmed with emotion seeing so many rolling up their sleeves and doing what they do best to serve. They are working in hospitals and in stores. They are feeding people and delivering goods. They are caring for their families and teaching online school. They are creating classes to be broadcast on social media and sending positive messages  for all to digest. They are first responders or the ones spreading humor. They are sitting at home with family and keeping them calm and the ones visiting those alone and bringing them groceries. I am in awe of all the amazing angels on earth. 

I know you are serving too. You are a piece of this beautiful puzzle. 

Your gifts are so appreciated right now. There is someone who needs your product, your words, your expertise, your gift. Your gift need not be something that you believe appears grandiose. Great things come in small packages. Maybe it is kinds words. A smile. Reassurance. Bravery in telling others it is okay not to feel okay all the time. These seemingly simple acts are the gifts that have the greatest reach; with their ripple effect expanding further that you could ever know. 

Thank you for all you are doing. You are amazing. The love you are providing is a gift to us all. and sharing your love is a gift to all.

And if you know you still have some gifts on the shelf to open, now is a great time to unwrap them. God so knowingly and lovingly gave these gifts to you.  Have faith that you are ready to receive them now.

I know this is a blog about anxiety. 

So, I will end this week's words with this:

The more you give- the less anxious you become. 

You step out from the little me and move into the BIG WE

You were never alone. Anxiety tries to trick you and make you believe that. But when you serve; when you help another, anxiety knows the gig is almost up. Why?  Because you have found solace in something in more than just the self and the anxiety. You have tapped into the love that vibrates and connects us all. And that love is the greatest gift because nothing can stand in the way of that- not even anxiety. 

Be well everyone Thank you for all you are.

Thank you for shining your light. 

Sending each of you love and health! 

Lucie Dickenson is the author of Overreacting; a memoir of anxious proportions. She is a writer, speaker and coach who believes anxiety can actually be our greatest blessing.

After over 15 years of crippling anxiety Lucie learned that anxiety was not a monster to slay, but an opportunity to unearth the strength and wisdom from within. Visit her website for more


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