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The Past Does Not Hold Any Power

This photo was taken in the early morning hours this past summer. My husband and I were speechless, as we witnessed the beautiful colors, and felt the new day emerge. Each sunrise is a new day, a brand new start, with infinite possibilities. 

It was a great reminder of how we need to learn from the past, but not live in it. 

We all have a past, and while much of our history may be great memories, we have a tendency to carry around what was not so positive; and to let those memories, thoughts and beliefs hold us back. However, when we do that; when we carry ours "pasts" around, we are actually breathing life into that which we wish to release. 

The past has only the power you give it, nothing more. Holding tightly to that which is no longer there, brings you more of what you don't want. Let it go, and enjoy the gift of the present, for it is this moment of newness that brings you out of the past, and allows you to create what you do want.

In this New Year, let go of what no longer serves you and instead create what does. You have an opportunity at every moment to let go of all the illusions, and step into the greatness of what you truly are. Stop letting the past imprison you, as you are the one who holds the key to freedom. Unlock the potential and the possibilities within, as everything you need is already there. 

Remember, you cannot reach for anything new, if your hands are full of yesterday's clutter.



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