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The Right People Will Show Up

 Today's picture was taken last year after a beautiful snowfall. There was no one out in the cold, aside from myself, that particular morning. Although I was by myself, I knew I was not alone, as we never are. The right people always show exactly when we need them. After I took this picture, I ran into an old friend that I had not spoken with in quite sometime. We got to talking, and walking, and it was good to see her again. She was brought into my life at that particular moment for a reason, and that reason unfolded a full year later. I became friends with this woman again, and the timing could not have been more miraculous, as I had recently lost touch with a few great friends, and I was mourning those losses. 

Sometimes we are scared to walk a different path, even though we know deep inside it is the right thing to do. It is fear of the unknown, and complacency with the familiar, that keeps us stuck. We may stay with people who are not part of our journey, and it begins to feel uncomfortable, and unauthentic to be there, but we continue to keep their company because we fear this is the best life has to offer. In addition, the people we keep company with may push our buttons, letting us know it is time to leave and go onto a new path. It is not because they are bad people, but because there is something much bigger that is happening, and they are part of the universal grand plan to get you to your destination. Know that the people that are meant to be with you on your journey, will be.  As you both do the work necessary together to help each other grow, they may move on... or they may stay, if there is more life work between the two of you to be done. 

Try not to take any of this personally, because it is not. In our small world, in our ego, we do take it to heart. However, if you were able to step outside of yourself and viewed the big picture, you could understand how perfectly it all fits together for your life's work, purpose and joy.

So remember, if someone is not showing up as your friend, there is something much larger than the friendship that is occurring, they may actually be the angel you need that nudges you to a new path. Let go and watch the new show up. And in time your paths may cross again for some new lessons and growth...



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