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The Universe Has Your Back

If you have an IPhone, you already know about Siri, but for those that don't, Siri is the personal assistant and knowledge navigator for Apple's IPhone. The catch phrase for Siri is "your wish is my command". 

The above picture is a screen shot of what happens when you press the button to summons Siri. You see the words: "what can I help you with?" appear on your phone. You then have the opportunity to ask endless questions, or give commands, and she quickly responds to your requests, and gets you the answers to your desires.

The Universe works in a very similar way. 

The Universe supports you, always. You have the ability to consciously attract whatever you want, at any time, you just need to ask for it. And just like with Siri, the more specific your request, the easier it is to manifest. 

So, first, simply ask, out loud or in prayer, for what you specifically wish. The vibration of you wanting it and asking for it, sets off a chain reaction that puts you in alignment with your desires.

Next, take action. The Universe cannot play a bigger game until you do. If you are blocking what the Universe is trying to get to you, it will not happen. This is where faith comes into play. Believe what you wish for is coming, and take the steps to allow that into your life. 

Just like Siri, you cannot ask it to call John, if you do not have John's number programmed. It is that simple. Do the work and act "as if" what you wished for is on it's way. For example, if you want a new job; complete your resume, send it out, and make the calls. Or if you wish to be in good health, begin eating right, exercise, and seek people who can help you. By doing this, your vibration is then raised to the frequency of your desire, and the Universe is able to do it's part.

And lastly, release it to the Universe. Trust. It is not your place to do the Universe's job, your part is to prepare for it, and take action towards the goal. The Universe has your back, and wants to help you, always. Allow that. Get out of the way, and let it all unfold. It may not turn out as you planned, but it will turn out exactly as you need it to. The Universe knows what is best, and how your desire needs to manifest. And that, my friends, is the blessing in all of this!

With Love,



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