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This is a picture of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. It was one of the places I visited on my Icelandic vacation a few years ago. Iceland in three nights was beautiful, and we were one of the lucky ones that saw the Northern Lights. I wrote a very detailed blog about Iceland and how we navigated our way through many sights in only three nights. 

Here is a little snippet of that blog: 

When we first booked a three-night vacation, I have to admit, I immediately felt a bit cheated. Cheated in time, because I am a person that likes to wander and explore. I was sure that three nights were not going to be enough to learn about the culture, the sights, and the food of this beautiful country...

...We woke at 6:00am to catch a 6:30am bus to the Blue Lagoon. We upgraded our experience to the luxury package. I really cannot say anything about Blue Lagoon except do it. Wait, I do have something to say, do it early in the morning, because it was not crowded. I noticed as we were leaving at 11:30am it was really starting to fill up. Also, being there early in the morning, while it was still dark gave this experience a certain ambiance that was lost once the sun rose. But that is my opinion, others may like it with sun up. It is all what you like.

If you are interested in reading the entire Iceland blog, you can read it here. Iceland Blog

So why am I talking about a travel blog when I am all about helping with anxiety? Because, just like any story, you get to tell it as you want... and I certainly left out one of the most pivotal parts of that beautiful vacation. Something happened on that trip that allowed me to see from the lens of not the sufferer of anxiety, but from the lens of someone who loves the person suffering?  It was a game changer. 

Sometimes we leave out pieces of our stories. We all do it for different reasons. Sometimes because you think that part of the story will make you look weak. Or it exposes too much of you and you have set a boundary on what you wish to share. Or maybe you just don't think it important. Whatever the reason, we edit our stories and the receiver only gets the cleaned-up version of the truth.

We respect those decisions. However, many times  it is in the dirty water of the details and the whole truth that we gain wisdom and grow. That is why I have decided to tell a bit more... to be honest and raw... because those details could be a lifeline for someone.

My book is full of details and truth. There are many stories that will leave you understanding that what people show you may not be exactly what is going on in their life. And why it is true that you never know what someone is going through, so kindness is always the answer. One of the stories is a piece of the Iceland vacation that I did not have in my blog....its all in there.... 

Love Always, Lucie


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