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There Is Enough For Everyone

Today's picture was taken a few weeks ago while strolling through a local store. I was with my daughter, and while we were looking at the items on the tables, my eyes kept going towards the books. I noticed that I knew one of the authors, and I was drawn to the beautiful cover, and her name in large type on the spine. As opened her book, and was flipping through the pages, I was surprised at my initial feelings of what I believed to be jealousy. However, when I stopped and took a breath, I realized it was not jealousy, but a fear of failure that I was feeling. You see, I have been writing a book for over a year now, and it is one of my goals to complete it this year. So witnessing my friend's book,  I allowed myself to believe the thought "if my friend was able to write a book and find success, I could not." I quickly dismissed this thought, and created a space for happiness and wishes for success for my friend. I truly want her to become a best seller!  

You are capable of reaching your goals, and many people are put before you to get you there. Please don't see others as a threat, there is more than enough spotlight for everyone. Your time to shine is coming, keep moving forward and enjoy healthy competition along the way. But remember, those on your path are not there to knock you down, but to raise you up. Keep the right perspective, and it will all unfold perfectly for you. 

Its easy to fall into the trap of feeling not good enough, especially when we see others living their best and highest purpose.  When we feel this way, lower vibrational feelings can emerge such as jealousy, anger, and sadness.

Someone's success can trigger you to begin comparisons, or a" them vs. me" mentality. You may even begin to doubt your own abilities, because someone else has found success. This is particularly true when someone is successful in the field you believe is "yours". You may begin to believe that there is only room for so many, and you could possibly be squeezed out of the glory!  

There is nothing further from the truth! You are unique and so is the gift you were born with. There is no one on this planet that can do the things you do exactly the way you do them. You are needed, your gift is not just for you, but to bring out to the world. The world would be incomplete without it!    

So be happy and rejoice in everyone's success stories. Remember, what you put out comes back... so when you are happy for others, truly happy for their success, you are a vibrational match for your own success. It is like you are telling the universe "there is enough for everyone,  I am happy for them, and I will have some of mine now too please"  

Relax. Breathe. It is all there for everyone, and there is more than enough.  



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