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Today is the Day You Created

I love this picture, I took it a few years ago while on vacation on Vieques Island. The wind was blowing, as if to remind me, there is power in the direction you wish to go.

Today is where your power resides.

Allow yourself the freedom to let go of yesterday's pain.

When I was caught up in anxiety, I lived day to day asking "why me" and "how do I get out of this?"  It wasn't until I learned to let go of yesterday's suffering, and truly believe in the present moment, that my transformation began. Once I learned this simple, but often overlooked method, is when my life changed. I took control of what I could, and the control was in my own personal perspective and intention. As I began this practice, my anxiety began to literally melt away, as I had no room for it in my daily meditation. Even if I was experiencing panic attacks, I knew to let them happen, but to give them no importance, as they were not what I wanted to carry into my tomorrow. I chose to believe  the future did not have to include this type of suffering, and I counted the anxiety as a blessing, which was teaching me how to let go.

You have the opportunity every day to shift your intention to that which gives you peace. The fears of yesterday are not real, but illusions from the truth.

As you begin, today, to create the life you want, you move from a victim mentality, to that of power and strength. You can begin to build positive moments, which in turn will align you with a progression of amazing days to follow. The results will astound you, as you continue to move forward in a positive light, seeing everything as a blessing.

We are ALL given the power to create. Choose not to think small, or live in your past. Once you come to understand the enormity of power you posess, you will clearly see how today is the day you created yesterday.

You have endless posiibilities, how great is that?



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