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What's The Secret to Healing?

When I was ready to become certified in a few energy healing modalities, I was excited to hear the "secret" of how each practice worked. I spent money, time, and effort to learn each modality the correct way. Each time I was taught a new technique, I observed the unique ways to hover hands above the body, or tap at certain points, and even to mediate alongside the client. However, there was one common denominator that was always the foundation of the healing: love.

There is no secret to healing, there is no magic person helping you; they have just understood the power of love and self-love. 

"Love is the bridge between you and everything." - Rumi

The life journey you are on is really one about finding love, acceptance and gratitude. And discovering this yourself is such a revelation; because you realize what you were searching for was never out in the world, but within you always. 

The moment you connect with the truth, is the moment you cannot turn back. You are thrust into the journey of authenticity and connection. You will awaken to your purpose, with your energy vibrating high. The life force within you will shine, and you cross the bridge to all that matters; and truly all there is. Love. 

On the other side, you will find what you have been looking for; the healing, the connection the joy. All else that was blocking you from seeing the truth will collapse; and you will be left with the life you always knew you were made to live. 

And if you have already crossed the bridge, help those that may have lost their way. Love goes in all directions once you have found it. 



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