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Catwalk and Smiles

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

I was on my phone yesterday with the television on the background. I heard a man say although he is a physical fitness trainer, he is not obsessed with weight loss or even how you look on the outside. This peaked my interest, and as I peered out from my iPhone, I watched and listened. I paraphrase here, but he continued speaking about how the change needs to occur on the inside, no matter what the exterior. With that, his next words were music to my ears. He explained that self-love and exuding confidence from that love is what matters. This trainer then said, "everyone from the moment they walk out the door, should walk like they are on the catwalk and as they do, changes will occur."

So this morning I decided to do just that; sashaying from the moment my feet hit the ground. At first I giggled and felt ridiculous, so I toned it down a bit (I think I was exaggerating the swish). However, I have to say as I sauntered into the gym I felt confident, which is hard for me in January of a new year. As I jogged on the treadmill I thought: I am going to spice this up and add a smile to everyone I see.

Leaving the gym, I was balancing my catwalk with smiles. Shaking my hips from left to right, head held high and a grin beaming across my face. Again, I may have overacted, because I think I was scaring people but with a few minor adjustments it felt natural and authentic.

My next stop was Whole Foods. Same pose intact. Quickly I noted that when you smile and exude confidence people look away. Look down. Look up. Whatever it takes to not make eye contact. So, a new adjustment. Adding a good morning with the smile. I got a better response, but still there were those that did not want to engage. I actually was beginning to get sad. And when I sat with that feeling, it was not because of everyone else, but because I realized I was the one who had not been connecting with those around me from day to day. This should not be a once off or an experiment, this should be how we treat one another every day. With respect, acknowledgement, and love.

As I sat eating my sushi in the food court I thought. I do smile. And often. But it is a choosing of who, and normally I do not give that energy to everyone. However after today, I am reminded that it is necessary for me, for us, to connect to each person we encounter. Give everyone you cross some form of goodness, and that collective energy will create a new state of awareness and change.

Emptying my garbage in the confusing bins before me, I looked up and smiled, and got one back. I walked out of the store, with my fantastic strut and felt more confident than ever. Catwalk with smiles is my new mantra. 

What is your mantra for 2018??

Love Always,



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