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What's Your Next Step?

The life I have now, is a result of many endings. 

This is because every ending, brings forth a new beginning.

However, sometimes we stay put in the life we are living; and forget about the bigger picture, because we are scared to let go. The dreams, passions, and goals that we held get lost in the day to day shuffle.

I have been in this holding pattern recently, and understand how easy it can be to stay satisfied with where you are. It's like a walk up a grand staircase, in a beautiful mansion. You stop on a step to take it all in, and you fall in love with the view. So you sit down on the stairs, and park yourself there for the duration, because you could not imagine something more alluring. However, you forget all the while, there are additional stairs to climb, and even more magnificent views to experience. 

Allow yourself to take the next step, all while being grateful for the last one. An ending is only a new beginning. It is all in how you view it. 

I will be going in a new direction myself. I have decided to let go of individual coaching. I know by letting go of this, I am making room for new and exciting opportunities. 

Where do you need to make room in your life?

What is waiting for your on your next step?

And what do you need to let go of, to take that next step? 

With love, Lucie


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