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Where is My Rainbow?

If you look closely, you can see the rainbow behind the clouds.

When I took this picture, I was initially upset because I was racing to the park to get a full rainbow photograph. In the time it took to get my camera ready, the clouds had formed to hide the vibrant colors. I came homeand realized this was exactly the picture that was needed. 

We all have storms in life, be them heavy downpours or light drizzle. And other times, our perspective may be clouded by the truth. Whatever our trial may be, this picture is a reminder that God puts rainbows in the clouds to show there is hope beyond. 

There is never a problem without a solution, a crisis without a blessing, a challenge without an opportunity. So, when you are faced with some sort of adversity, bless it, and know there is something great waiting for you behind the clouds. 

It is all temporary. Weather the storm and keep your faith on the light.

It may be concealed momentarily, but always there. And trusting will bring forth your rainbow of color. 

With love, 



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