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Who Holds Your power?

Dear Beautiful You,

Anxiety is clever. It steals your time. 

I can remember hours, no days, worrying about what had happened in my past and ruminating over the details. I would park my ass in the 1980's and live there in my mind for what seemed to be eternity. 

I would allow all the emotions to flood my system (anger, sadness, rage, resentment, fear) and relive the traumas over and over. I would worry about what happened, why it happened, where it happened, if it could happen again... you get the idea- I actually spent my waking hours living in the past and worrying about the future. 

When I finally decided to get help for this excruciating anxiety, a woman teaching me tapping told me this; "The first time you live this is on them. Every other time you re-live this, it is on you" 

The way I interpreted what she said is this:  

You lived through the traumas once. And you were hurt. And it is not your fault. That is absolutely the only time you need to live through it. Any other time you bring it forth in your mind, it is you hurting you. It is no longer anyone else hurting you, because it is over. It is in the past. It is you that keeps bringing it up and breathing life into it. Of course it is healthy to address it to let it go once and for all, but not to keep bringing it up again and again.

Her statement was life changing for me. I kept it all alive on my own. I had the power to create what I wanted in my life and no one else was stopping me, except me. I would be sad and anxiety would overcome me thinking about it all. However, I now was armed with a new tool in my toolbox.

The power of choice.

I could choose to be incredibly sad, a victim, fearful...


I could choose to be happy and healthy and not allow anyone or anything to steal my life. I decided to forgive, to let go and to live in the present moment. 

The best response you can have is to be healthy and happy. You are in charge of your life. Please do not let someone that hurt you have that power. It is yours to have, to create, to be big, to be your best. 

You are amazing and are here for a purpose. Try not to let anxiety steal your time, making you live in the past and fear the future. 

What will your response be today? 

Love Always,


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Lucie Dickenson is a wife and mom to three unique teenagers. She is also a successful, internationally recognized, speaker, writer and anxiety coach, with 25 years experience in training and business. Her passion is helping others to truly understand that their life stories hold the key to healing and connecting with others.

www.lovealwayslucie.comCertified EFT/Tapping CoachMuscle testing Creator of the 3-Steps to Freedom Method


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