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Why The Inspirational Life?

The truth be told, because I needed it, and still do. I have great days, and I have okay days, just like we all do. However, I have learned to embrace, and be grateful, for each one.

We all have been through trials and tribulations. My story is no different than yours, except in the details. I once asked a very wise man, while in the depths of anxiety suffering, "Doug, what are the worst anxiety symptoms someone can experience?" and he simply said "Yours". No truer words were every spoken. It was not an answer about being selfish, or not having compassion for others, but more about the difficulties of trying to understand suffering.

I wrestled with anxiety for close to 15 years. Panic attacks were a daily occurrence, and at times sleep was a luxury. At one point, my 5 foot 9 inch weight was getting close to 100 pounds, as my body was rejecting the nutrients I desperately needed. Throw in incredible amounts of food and environmental allergies, leaky gut, psoriasis and you have run down of what I deemed "wrong" with me.


So, how did I try to get myself "right"?

I tried medication, talk therapy, energy healing, nutritional healing, vitamin therapy, acupuncture, exercise, hypnotherapy, hydrotherapy (don't ask lol). I flew around the country to top specialists, and spent lots of money on the most cutting edge alternative treatments. Many of these helped for a short time, but did not completely fix what I wanted to be changed. I was looking to fight this "condition" until I won. However, once I learned to accept everything, to put down the sword and stop fighting, is when true healing began.

But, it really does not matter what I have been through, more though, it matters what I have left behind.

I left behind the lies and deceit, not of others, but from my own self. For years I was internally repeating words and thoughts that stuck, and took hold in my mind. In my body. In my life. It was these beliefs that needed to be kicked out and replaced with new, updated, true words, thoughts and patterns. Sometimes we don't even know we hold these thoughts and beliefs, as they can be deep rooted from many years ago.

As I let the lies go, I brought in goals, dreams and purpose. I allowed myself to believe in the power of goodness and love. I learned to feed my soul the right food, which also included feeding my body nutritious meals. And as I did, my life changed, and continues to. That is why I still need The Inspirational Life to this day, because it feeds my soul. You do not need to have an anxiety disorder, chronic illness or a problem to benefit from this website, you just have to want to be the best version of you. As you peel back the layers, that you have outgrown or never needed, you have opportunity to make room for what you have always dreamed possible.

This site is for you. I truly wish each of you finds what makes your heart sing, and live that dream every day. You are amazing, and are meant to live in greatness, I want to inspire you to do just that. 

Lucie Dickenson is an inspirational blogger, wife, and mom to three unique and wonderful teenagers. Through her writing and in her personal life, she loves to inspire others, finding what makes their heart sing, so they can live in their truth every day.


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