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You Are Stronger Than Your Know

Where I live, we have a forecast of blizzard conditions this evening, and into tomorrow. I am getting ready, as we all are, by purchasing firewood, batteries, and food. I recall the last time I bought these items before a storm; and that was Hurricane Sandy. 

I took this photo the day after the hurricane, as we walked about the beach. We trudged silently alongside others, viewing all the devastation and destruction that hit our shore. I did not want to take any pictures, as I felt a sadness that I did not want to capture. However, when I saw the boardwalk, I felt hope, and snapped this picture. 

This picture shows strength. Not just power and fortitude; but a foundational strength that you don't even realize is there, until it is needed. The boardwalk was ripped up and blown to the side, in ridiculously fragmented pieces. But what remained was an infrastructure that could not be moved or swayed in any way. 

This, too, is how you were made. You were created with the strength of the universe within.

Understand, no matter the storm that you may be riding right now,  you have within you everything to make it through. Your foundational strength will not only carry you out of the storm, but you will be stronger because of it. Dig deep, hold faith, and remember what you truly are. 

The storm you face today is a blessing; as it is the catalyst to reveal what is inside.



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