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You Can Make it Up The Mountain

Many years ago, while vacationing in the Outer Banks in North Carolina, we stopped at Kitty Hawk to walk near to where the first flight took off.

I had a newborn at that time, so I was seated with, her while my husband and two young children were getting ready to trek the hills. The picture may not do it justice, but it was a long hike up the hill, especially for little kids, Because of the distance, and because it was hot and humid, I did not think they were going to be able to climb up the hill. I told my husband that maybe we should just stay where we were, and enjoy the view because it was too hot and too far.

However, my son in all his 4 year old glory, said he could make it up the "mountain". And with that statement, he took off, his little legs taking him faster than even he could believe. My husband had no choice but to run after him, with my three year old daughter following him.

In this picture, you can see my husband and daughter running, but what you may not see at first glance is my son racing his way to the top. He is the little white blur between the green clearing, half way up. He knew he could go the distance, no matter what any naysayers (me in this case) said. He did not listen to outside influences, but instead listened to his heart, and went for it. 

Go the distance, keep trying, don't give up.... you can to it!

There will be many who support you, but also there will be those who tell you that you can't. Sometimes it is not just others, but your internal dialogue, that begins to cast a doubt on your abilities. Don't listen. Your purpose was placed in your heart for a reason, so you were meant to go the distance. Keep plugging away at your dreams. When you truly believe you were meant for greatness, greatness will follow.

You definitely can make it up the mountain! Believe. Always. 

Love Always,



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