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Your First Step

I took this photo just two days ago. I was up early with my husband,  and we decided to go watch the sunrise. As we got to the beach, I noticed the wet footprints on the wooden planks leading up to the pavilion. The person that left these footprints was obviously here, just moments before, but I no longer was able to see anyone around. As we sat in the pavilion, I looked about to see if I could identify anyone that may have left these prints, but there was no one, just a trail leading to the beautiful ocean. 

Although I was not able to see the person, I thanked them for the beautiful reminder that they left behind. These steps had meaning. They were purposeful and direct to the destination. 

 Any steps you take towards your goals in life, all start with the power of belief. There is no power in this universe stronger than that of belief. If you believe you can, you will go the distance. On the other hand, if you believe you can't, you have created a limitation to your dreams. Beliefs can empower us or imprison us, they are that persuasive.

This week, begin to allow yourself to believe all your dreams and goals are possible. Create a mindset that develops the outcome you desire. Try not to dwell on the details of how and when, but just true faith in the confidence in manifesting your goal. 

You are made to go the distance, believe in your abilities. Take the step, and believe. 



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